Easy and delicious mini cheesecakes -perfect for a quick and yummy dessert! Individual cheesecakes with a graham cracker crust. These cheesecakes are bites of mini cheesecake heaven! No-bake cheesecakes cannot compare to the flavor and texture of these bite size cheesecakes.  Perfect for parties or if you just have a craving for a New York Cheesecake. Enjoy!

Since 2010, Cheesecake & Co has been famous in Geneva for great food, great fun, great service, and, of course, the best cheesecake. Our original location in Plainpalais is still thriving. With a menu ranging from sandwiches to salads and cheesecake, we know you’ll have a fabulous dining experience.









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For your business lunch, special events, cocktails or any other occasion, we propose our catering selection of boxes or mini’s platter.